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An American tragedy or Disgrace? Perspectives on a a dead Pop icon

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Join us this Tuesday night at 8PM at The Intown Chabad for the great debate. Michael Jackson: An American tragedy or disgrace? Two opposing views one of a The head of the Reform movement and one of a traditional Rabbi and friend of Michael Jackson. Read Eric Yoffee’s article And Rabbi Boteach’s here

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Friday night the 26th

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Davening @ Chabad at 7 PM. Singing lively davening followed by Shabbat dinner at home. Contact for more details on dinner.

Tuesday night- What the boss taught me about life

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Tuesday night Passion vs. Action? What the “boss” AKA bruce taught me about entertainment and religion. What is the truest expression of the good life, the passionate one, dominated by excitement, love and the highest highs, or deliberate constants? Join us at 8 PM for our weekly discussion, its a great place to learn socialize

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Love like fire and water and the fringe benefits

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This Tuesday night 8 PM. Love like fire and water and the fringe benefits of it all Join us at The Intown Chabad for our weekly class. Topics run the full gamut of life, love, politics and of course, religion. All the inappropriate dinner topics! Light dinner served. Also, Friday night the 26th, Shabbat dinner

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Softball team

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Hi Everyone! The JCC men’s softball league will have it’s first game this coming Monday night at 6:30pm. I am putting a team together to play in the league for the summer. We already have about half the players needed, we are looking to get the last few players needed over the next couple of

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