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Thoughts and upcoming events

Friends, As we end the calender year, take a moment to think about all the wonderful things that go on in this world, take a breath and breathe them in. Meditate on all life’s blessings- If you think hard enough, you will find them. There are so many things which are great and so many

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Shabbat Dinner 1-1-2010

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Huge Shabbat dinner 1-1-2010-  Join us for a great Shabbat dinner with friends… every year people always complain how miserable New Years is out in the bars, well you know we through a great time always, and why not join for a Jolly Ol’ Shabbat dinner that Friday night at Chabad

History of the public Menorahs

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Interesting interview done with my father, Rabbi Chaim Drizin, who first introduced the public Menorah lightings in the 70’s Dear Friends, Last week’s “Frisco Yid” article generated a lot of feedback and interest to know more about the genesis of the public Menorah lightings. So I went straight to the source, and interviewed my father

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In this Issue *Tuesday night- Weekly Torah and current events class 8PM *Wed night- Monthly Gals Rosh Chodesh Society 8PM *Thursday night- JULE Law happy hour 6:30-8:00 PM *Friday Night- B-right Next Shabbat Dinner at The Drizin’s *Pictures from GLOW event Michael Drob won the Kindle- Congrats! *JewWalking Video *Other random stuff ————————————————————————- Tuesday With

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Glow 4th Batch- After party pics

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