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Shabbat over Uptown and Cocktail Hour!

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Join us as we bring in Shabbat over Uptown with a great cocktail and L’chaim hour THIS Friday 6:30-7:30Pm Join in with friends, even if you are not coming to dinner afterwards (we are booked with 100 people solid for dinner) please join in for L’chaims followed by Services at 7:30PM. All at The Intown

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Meditation.UptownShabbat.Israel for the summer?

* Tuesday night- 8PM  – Understanding Jewish Meditation? * Shabat over Uptown March 26th- Huge Friday night hosted in 6 homes! * The Intown Chabad Trip to Israel ———————————————- Tuesday night 8PM- Topic: understanding Jewish Meditation- Engaging the heart to enhance the soul. Join us as we discuss the secret of Jewish meditation. Discover the transformative nature

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Tuesday night 8PM- Topic:  Mirror Mirror on the wall, are you vain, spiritual or nothing at all? Join us as we discuss the secret of the mirror. Is it vanity or the ultimate spirituality.  Would you give up yours? The Temple wash basin was made of women’s mirrors, what was the story behind that?  We

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