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The week-

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High Holiday greetings and blessings Apple in honey dipping technique video here– Hilarious! Monday night course: Try it one off- Why was the world created? Tuesday night class- 11 vignettes to help you get present on Rosh Hashanah. Rosh Hashana dinner rsvp and free high holiday tickets here– see our a la carte menu here Challenge

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Rosh Hashanah A La Carte Menu

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How’d you like to pick and choose what part of the Rosh Hashana services you’d like to join? Click here for the rosh hashana a la carte menu and choose what you’d like to come for! Go to www.highholidaystic/ to get your free tickets!

This week

Monday night course: Try it one off- they are self contained classes.  See below for what people are saying! Tuesday night class- Finding your Mojo this time of year. Thursday morning Tefillin Club 7:30 AM @ TIC Sep 23rd. Shabbat in Uptown. Rsvp for dinner here Sep 26th- JULE (Jewish Uptown Lawyer Experience) Breakfast with

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All RSVPs are done at