Upcoming this week. 30 happens!

In This Issue

  • Pics from the recent JULE event  Here
  • Tuesday all nighter in North Dallas   NO REGULAR CLASS
  • Friday Birthday Happy hour- You are invited!
  • Shabbat in Uptown- Dinner

Tuesday night The 18th- All nighter in North Dallas

Join TIC as we head up north to Chabad of Dallas for an incredible evening of all night Torah study! Why you ask? Well, Shavuot celebrates the giving of the Torah and on the morning we were supposed to receive the big 10 at Sinai… we all slept in!! Crazy, no? LIke sleeping through your finals! So to rectify that big mistake, Jews have been staying up all night on Shavuot for the past 2000 (give or take a few) years. Join Rabbi Zvi and other Great Teachers at Chabad of Dallas for an all nighter starting at 12AM6710 Leveland RD, Dallas 75252.

May 21st. Friday Afternoon Happy Hour, Celebrating Rabbi Zvi’s 30th!

You are invited to a Happy Hour celebrating my 30th!  6:30PM on Friday the 21st. We will have some L’chaims untill Shabbat begins at 8 or so! Hope you can make it!

Where- The Intown Chabad 2723 Routh st.
When- this Friday 6:30PM-8PM
Why- Because Zvi is getting old!

-Shabbat In uptown-
Services Friday night 8PM
May 21st. Shabbat dinner
Join us for Dinner with friends at the home of The Drizins. Dinner after services at about 9PM.
Please RSVP by Thursday night toZVi@Theintownchabad.com
Sat. Day- Services 10AM followed by a Kiddush.

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