This week

  • Tuesday night- Farbrengen
  • Timeline of a leader- link below
  • July 14th- Thursday evening- Challah Baking with Aidy Rsvp here
  • July 17th Sunday evening – The Shtik-Bar Trivia- Rsvp here
  • Save the date: July 29th Shabbat over Uptown- Holy Happy hour and home hosted dinners. email us if you would like to host.


This Tuesday night- Farbrengen honoring an Jewish leader

Topic: FarbrengenThe Yahrtzeit (anniversary of death) of a leader is a time for reflection.
Join us for an evening of L’chaims, stories and inspiration for the commemoration of the 17th Yahrtzeit of the Rebbe of Chabad.
His inspiration has fueled the world wide expansion of Chabad. 8-9PM.
fallafel servedTime: 8PM
Place: The Intown Chabad 2723 Routh st.
The Man and the Century
A Timeline Biography of the Rebbe
The rise of Communism, the coming of age of modern science, the Holocaust, the renaissance of Jewish life in America, the Sixties, the feminist movement, the information age, the end of the Cold War — the Rebbe was there, and had something to say and do about them all
Challah Baking with Aidy
Thursday the 14th 7:30PM.
Legends are made in 6 little doughey braids. Aidy’s Challah is legendary, learn her secrets and you could be making magic to at your next Shabbat dinner.
Join Aidy for the secrets to killer Challah and some life lessons to along.
Thursday night 7:30PM  at The Intown Chabad
RSVP’s are a must as space is limited.

July 17th Sunday evening – The Shtik-Bar Trivia
Rsvp here
This month’s Bar Trivia will be on the Third Sunday in July- The 17th.
7-9PM at The Gingerman
You have heard of Bar Trivia… Welcome to The Shtik. Jewish Bar Trivia.
On the second sunday of every month join young Jewish adults from all over Dallas for an incredible evening of trivia, camaraderie and insane competition.
The Gingerman is THE beer garden of Uptown and its the best place to relax after the weekend, catch up with friends and maybe learn something new!
Winning Team will get a $25 Certificate at The gingerman plus other prizes to be announced soon!
This is a project of TIC
What if I know nothing about Jewish trivia stuff can I still compete?
Yes, there will be mostly multiple choice questions, which gives you a 33.3% chance of always winning
What if I don’t know anyone?
You will meet all sorts of awesome people
How competitive is this?
we have no clue, we have no done it yet
What’s the secret of life?
Can’t say, its one of the trivia questions
Is this only for single people?
No. its for everyone.

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