Zvi Drizin, Rabbi and Founder 

 Our Rabbi is at the heart of this organization. Born in the heart of the South West, Albuquerque, Zvi inhaled the spirit of the the nascent Chabad revolution at a young age. He grew up in the west side of Los Angeles were he cut his teeth on all things Jewish.

Married to the wonderful Aidy Drizin, together with their two kids they started The Intown Chabad.

Rabbi Zvi, loves people, skiing, playing music and people. Did we mention people? He loves connecting people to friends, relationships and God.

Aidy Drizin, Rebbitzin

If our Rabbi is the heart of this organization then Aidy is the very life pumping through it. 

Raised in Dallas from a very young age, Aidy learned the art of Jewish connectivity from the very best.  Full time mother of her two children and full time caretaker of the young adults of Dallas.  Whether it’s for dating advice or business problems so many look to Aidy for that sagely advice and comforting voice.


Mooka and Baruch Hecht 

Baruch and Mooka are the latest Intown Chabad recruits. Baruch grew up in Southern California and was involved in Jewish Outreach from a young age. Baruch is an energetic, passionate guy who loves meeting with and connecting to people. Aside from being a Rabbi, Baruch is a sports fanatic and can throw a mean touchdown.

Mooka, Baruch and their two children hail from Southern California. Mooka has backgrounds in Graphic Design and in Early Childhood Education. She is a creative and warm spirit who is excited to put her talents to use in the Uptown community. Mooka enjoys cooking and entertaining, she can’t wait to host y’all in their new home.