All night long!!!

Dear << Test First Name >>,
If you didn’t have a Bar/Bat Mitzvah when you were younger, or you were just totally checked out and would love to do it all over again ( DJ’s- Speech and all)? We are putting together a Bar/Bat Mitzvah program which will enable you to re-experience it all as an adult!
Email us if you are interested in joining by replying to this email, we have a few who are already interested.

The holiday of Shavuot is upon us! It is celebrated this Sat. night- Monday night.  We will be doing programming in North Dallas with all night Torah study, and festive meals. Email us if you would like to be included. This is a time to reconnect to our commitment to Torah study and action. Join The Intown Chabad for a class or two, you will grow as a person!
All the best and wishes for the receiving of the Torah inwardly and with happiness!
Tonight 8PM- Relationships with Aidy- 
Gals night with Aidy happens once a month for some great learning for gals only.
Tonight at The Intown Chabad 8PM 2723 Routh-  Come, no rsvp needed!

Tuesday night- 8PM
This week’s topic: The most epic alarm clock failure EVER! 
Have you ever missed an important meeting because your alarm clock went off? I bet it wan’t as bad as when the Jews slept in, the day they were supposed to get the Torah at Sinai! Join us for a great class on one of the most epic failures in history! 
Light dinner and drinks- Class last an hour, its at Chabad… just come! 

Good for the: Motivational speaker lover, lover of a challenge, willing to break free from the patterns of the known, risk taker, loves a free dinner, loves world peace, social justice and life.

Sleepless in Dallas – Holiday of Shavuot Sat. night- May 26th. 
Join Zvi and Aidy for desserts and drinks at their home in North Dallas 10PM-12AM
Afterwards, in preparation for receiving the Torah (Holiday of Shavuot- more on it here) We will head of the Chabad of Dallas for fantastic classes and study session ALL NIGHT LONG!!!Classes will be given by Rabbi Zvi and other Super awesome Rabbis.
Rsvp Here

Shabbat in Uptown- June 1st.
Join us for one of those more intimate dinners.
RSVP here before Thursday $18 after $25 
Services 7PM Dinner 8PM
Sat. morning 10:30AM followed by Kiddush in honor of the Graduating Medical Students!
Sat. evening Ethics, Bagels and Shmeers 7:30PM.

Breakfast Club- 730-830AM every Thursday morning

Community Events

Brett Stephens of the Wall st. Journal is speaking may 24th for AJC for free!  Details here

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