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The Intown Chabad AKA The ITCH is dedicated to serving young Jews regardless of background, knowledge or observance level. 
Here is a quick glance at some of the upcoming offerings

  • Dinner with friends Friday night – Haven’t been to a smaller dinner yet?
  • 8/21 Thanks for Giving event Details below
  • 8/25 Welcome to Dallas brunch  – RSVP here
  • 9/2 Gals Rosh Chodesh club starts up again with Challah baking and class RSVP
  • RSVP for FREE High Holidays with Chabad
  • Check out the Ski Retreat in Park Cities we are planning for Feb! Great pricing RSVP’s are open
All Classes at Chabad 2723 Routh St.  

(parking is always available evenings across the alley behind the building) 

Monday / 7:30PM / Round table weekly Parsha discussion.

Tuesday / 8-9PM / Tuesday with Zvi Topic:  Understanding the philosophy of Rosh Hashanah according to the great thinker, R’ JB Soloveitchik.   Dinner served

Thursday / 7:00PM / Tanya, the primary book of Chabad Chassidic philosophy is studied with Rabbi Chanan / Chapter 10

Friday night / 7:30PM / Friday night services  followed by dinner with Zvi, Aidy & Chanan and friends /  RSVP here by Thursday please

Saturday / 10:30AM /  Services followed by Kiddush lunch

8/21 Thanks For Giving / Donor Appreciation Event / Did you know that the ITCH gets no regular, national or institutional funding — every dollar we spend on rent, programming and other costs is raised locally (and contributed by you or your friends). To say THANKS, we’re hosting a special reception for our regular and sustaining donors. / If you’re part of that “Chai Club,” check your email for an invitation. / If you haven’t yet supported ITCH at that level, it’s not too late to make a contribution and be recognized! / Email  or visit today!
Check out The Intown Chabad’s dear friends,  Jonathan Rosenberg’s ,  Kickstarter campaign – make a pledge and you can be a part of something huge!

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