Challah baking and more this week

  • Tuesday night- Justice and the Casey Anthony trial
  • July 14th – Thursday evening- Challah Baking with Aidy Rsvp here
  • July 15th- Shabbat in Uptown- rsvp for dinner here
  • July 17th – Sunday evening – The Shtik-Bar Trivia- Rsvp here
  • July 29th Shabbat over Uptown- Holy Happy hour and home hosted dinners. RSVP HERE
  • Anna Aharony: The NEW Director of Operations for The Intown Chabad. Read about how she got here and why she is staying!
  • Volunteer Oportunities! yeah we got ’em here.


Meet Anna Aharony: The NEW Director of Operations for The Intown Chabad.

Hi! My name is Anna Aharony and I am The Intown Chabad’s new Director of Operations… basically I’ve been hired by Zvi to do all the stuff he doesn’t want to do! 🙂 and direct awesome energy in your direction!
I have to say I’m excited to be a part of the such a wonderful and rapidly growing group of young adults in Dallas. I look forward to getting to know all of you If anyone needs anything from The Intown Chabad, Zvi or myself, please don’t hesitate to email me

While I’m at introductions, I should probably tell you a little bit about myself and how I came to work at Intown.
I was born in Russia, but at the age of 4 my family decided to peace out of there for more opportunities in AMERICA. So we moved to Delaware. I have no idea how they even heard of small Delaware or thought that would be the place in ALL of the US to strike gold, but that’s where I ended up spending my childhood. Shortly after completing college at The University of Delaware, my husband, Mickey Aharony and I moved to Philadelphia to explore the city and…. well, to just get out of Delaware! Fast forward six months, and we decided try our luck in Dallas. Now here I am as director of overall awesomeness at The Intown Chabad and I couln’t be more excited!

This Tuesday night- Justice and the Casey Anthonytrial
Topic Justice and the Casey Anthony trial
Join us for a fantastic weekly class give by our dear Rabbi Zvi. Its good and its getting better
Light dinner served!

Time: 8PM
Place: The Intown Chabad 2723 Routh st.

Challah Baking with Aidy this thursday night. rsvp is a must
Thursday the 14th 7:30PM.
Legends are made in 6 little doughey braids. Aidy’s Challah is legendary, learn her secrets and you could be making magic to at your next Shabbat dinner.
Join Aidy for the secrets to killer Challah and some life lessons to along.
Thursday night 7:30PM  at The Intown Chabad
RSVP’s are a must as space is limited.

July 17th Sunday evening – The Shtik-Bar Trivia
Rsvp here
This month’s Bar Trivia will be on the Third Sunday in July: The 17th.
7-9PM at The Gingerman
You have heard of Bar Trivia… Welcome to The Shtik. Jewish Bar Trivia.
On the second sunday of every month join young Jewish adults from all over Dallas for an incredible evening of trivia, camaraderie and insane competition.
The Gingerman is THE beer garden of Uptown and its the best place to relax after the weekend, catch up with friends and maybe learn something new!
Winning Team will get a $25 Certificate at The Gingerman plus other prizes to be announced soon!
This is a project of TIC
What if I know nothing about Jewish trivia stuff can I still compete?
Yes, there will be mostly multiple choice questions, which gives you a 33.3% chance of always winning
What if I don’t know anyone?
You will meet all sorts of awesome people
How competitive is this?
we have no clue, we have no done it yet
What’s the secret of life?
Can’t say, its one of the trivia questions
Is this only for single people?
No. its for everyone.

July 29th Shabbat over Uptown- Holy Happy hour and home hosted dinners. RSVP HERE
Shabbat over Uptown is becoming an institution!
Join tons of friends new and old as they come together for little Shabbat dinners all around Uptown.
First we all meet for a happy hour followed by Services at The Intown Chabad, then we all break up into different homes in groups of 10-20 for a great ol’ Shabbat dinner.
This is the perfect opportunity to meet new people and connect with the good ol’ ones!
Please rsvp on FB or here and if you would like to go somewhere specific or with someone specific, email

Hosts thus far:
Aidy and Zvi Drizin
Orly Sulami and Len Mazur
Dorine Doliner and Dan Rathauser
Moishe’s House- Damon, Austin and Raymond
Havy, Batya and Amy
Josh Schachter

Holy Happy Hour-6PM
Dinner 8PM

Volunteer Oportunities! Yeah, we got ’em!
August 28 – Sunday throughout the day.
The J is hosting the 13th Jewish Arts Fest at the beautiful Meyerson in the heart of downtown Dallas. They are asking for volunteers to sign up for 2 hour shifts and the rest of the day is your to enjoy for FREE. Email today or check out the website for more information or the volunteer form.

And if you have a creative side and don’t mind taking risks, then email either Anna or Zvi to help out at The Intown Chabad booth. No worries, we’ll keep it fun… but we’ll also keep itinteresting.

The Intown Chabad is starting a new team and we need all our fans to sign up. We would like to have an ongoing volunteer corp. that is willing to go to various volunteer oportunites that come through Intown throughout the year. If you are interested in signing up, please email ustoday!

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