Intown Match Day – 3x match for 30 hours


Intown Match Day – Here’s To Ten Years

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A 30 hour 3x 225k matching Campaign – Because engaging young Dallas Jews is what ensures the future.

The Intown Chabad works daily to make a difference in the lives of young Jews in Dallas. We’ve been at it for 10 years and here’s to 10 years more

Why now?

We have 30 hours to raise 75K online, and that will be matched by a group of generous donors turning it into 225K. 

It’s ALL OR NOTHING! YOU can help make HUGE things happen in the young Jewish community in Dallas. Every donor counts! 

Today your $1 can turn into $3!

$180 = $540

$250 = $750

$500 = $1500

Your donations will go toward making 2018 a great year for young Jews in our city. 

What is the impact of your dollars? 

Chabad Intown 16/17 By the Numbers:
1491 individual participants in our programming up 35% from year before
2500+ Shabbat/Holiday Meals served
700+ in one-on-one learning and conversation with Rabbis
3278 Mitzvot including Davening/Tefillin/Volunteering/Shabbat candles & more 
59% increase year over year in our Quality Of Engagement Metric 
5 Weddings 1 engagment and one couple even proposed at Chabad (search our location on Instagram to see pics)
748 donors. Our goal for this fiscal year is 1000! 

Our generous matching donors include:
The Jack and Ruth Altman Foundation
The Shumard red oak fund of Fidelity
Bob & Michelle Deiner
The Meromim Foundation 
Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits
Bennett & Marion Glazer 
Stuart & Myra Prescott 

Make a donation over the phone by calling 214-810-6770

The Intown Chabad is the largest organization in Dallas dedicated to serving young Jewish adults. The Intown Chabad serves young Jews from the day they leave college until they have their first child. Through a host of large and small social events, learning and volunteering opportunities, The Intown Chabad has connected a massive amount of Jews to each other and to the Jewish community.  

Thank you and God Bless you for all your support! 

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