It’s a small world

You never know who’s looking at you. About 5 years ago I put a video on “how to put on Tefillin” on the web, I have gotten incredible feedback from various sources over the years, the video even made it on all the networks when they had the “Tefillin bomb scare”. But the best of them all happened this week. I get a facebook message from a young guy from St. Petersburg who had just moved to Dallas and he said he wanted to get involved with Chabad, he had heard that we do work with young adults. So I right away invite him over for Shabbat dinner, on the way home from Shul we were chatting about his background and what got him to Dallas and how did he reach me. He told me that a while back in Russia, his Rabbi there got him a pair of Tefillin for his birthday. Not knowing how to put them on, he googled how to put on Tefilin. The first result was my video on “how to put on Tefillin” and he noticed that the handle on the youtube account was chabad in dallas. “being that I knew I would be moving to Dallas soon, I started looking at the other videos and decided that I would connect with you once I got here”.  I was obviously really excited, it totally made my night!
For better or for worse, this world is a small place. Whatever you put out there makes a difference.
Oh and by the way GO MAVS! (sorry to our LA friends, and my upbringing in LA)

  • Tuesday night 8PM- Chili Dog BBQ and Stump D’rabbi submit anonymous questions here
  • Shabbat in Uptown- May 14th RSVP Here
  • Magical Mystical tour- New York July 8th-10th – Details below or here
  • TIC is hiring

Weekly classes

  • Monday night- 7:30PM Exodus Study group. Advanced
  • Wed. Chassidic Philosophy (Women only) 8PM at The Intown Chabad

Tuesday night 8PM-  Chili Dog BBQ and Stump D’rabbi-

Topic: Stump d’Rabbi! Join us for the off-the cuff and off the hook questions and answers all submitted anonymously online here or live!
Always a great time, entertaining and informative!

Tuesday night class is back on in full swing! last week we had close to 30 people!  Join us this Tuesday night at 8PM.
We will fire up the grill with great dogs and all sorts of toppings as we join with our Israeli brother grilling all over Israel in honor of Israel’s independence day
Email if you can help with the grill or have an awesome chili recipe you want to try out on us!  here
Shabbat in Uptown this week-  Dinner and lunch

Friday night- Services at 7PM followed by a wonderful intimate gourmet dinner rsvp by Thursday here we only have 35 spots
Sat. Morning Services at 10AM followed by a Kiddush.
Sat. afternoon 7:30PM Ethics of our fathers and Shale’shudes (I bet you, you can’t google that one!)
If you would like to sponsor part of dinner-lunch or anything else. you can do it here

The Magical Mystical Tour- Brooklyn-July 8th-10th.

A young dentist and an army Captain from TX fall in love, they decide to marry in the perfect dream Chassidic wedding dressed in black and white.
Sounds romantic? Sounds like a dream?
Why watch a documentary when you can experience it and be a part of it.
We spend a friday night swaying to the enchanting sounds of melodies 1000 years old, taste the same food that we as a people have tasted for generation. We experience 1000’s swaying in a meditative prayer stance… and on Sat. night we party in Manhattan. Sunday, we pray at a gravesite believed by many to be miraculous. And in the evening we dance our hearts out with the two young Texans who would be graced if you joined them.
Join the Intown Chabad for a memorable weekend trip to the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn NY. Where the thumping heartbeat of Judaism is felt on the very pavement you walk.

Cost: Free- You pay your airfare and what ever restaraunts we go to.
Lodging: At the most upscale Chassidic homes you ever dreamed of.
You must bring: An adventurous spirit and an open mind.
Contact Zvi for more info
You don’t know the bride and groom? Melodie Balarsky and Ben Diamond, would love to have you at their wedding, just as long as you really know how to party!!!!

TIC is hiring
Do you have a passion for young Jewish people? Do you want to work in an incredible environment? The Intown Chabad is hiring executive director/assistant/awesome everything person  Please Email with your resume or to request a job description.

Check out our new donation and payment page here

We have just launched a new site for donations and payments. You can now create a username and password so payments for events can be done using just the username. No more taking out a credit card, no more pain!
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