Last week of May

Tonight 8:00PM – Freedom: How free is it? Join Rabbi Zvi as we explore the provocative idea that perhaps personal freedom is not the best thing for us. Our sages teach that “the only free person, is one who is bound by the Torah”, how can one call that free?  Join us for great discussion and food at Chabad.

Thursday 7:30PM – Jewish mysticism study group with R’ Chanan – new material

Friday 7PM Shabbos under the stars – Dinner is sold out – join us next time if you haven’t made reservations.

Sat. 10:30AM – Services followed by Kiddish Lunch with the Growler of the Week.

Shavuot June 3rd at The Intown Chabad will once again be at the Crescent Hotel! This year will feature a fantastic line up of mini classes given by our very own people. RSVP on Facebook

There will be meals at Chabad for the Holiday Tuesday and Wednesday. Please RSVP here if you’d like to join in any holiday meals.

Special Guest Lecturers:
Austin Litoff
Naomi Heller
Yisrael Lax – Chassidic Thought and Methodology
Isaac Heller – Ludwig Guttman
Charlie Saginaw – Understanding ‘Lashon Hara’ – Gossip and Slander
Jake Hamlin – Judaism and Its Relationship to Ritual
Danya Lagos – Slavery, Reason, and Human Freedom in the Torah
Zachary Elewitz – The Origins of Chassidic Philosphy

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