Lot’s going on this week

We got some exciting things coming down the wire ( in no particular order). 
  • We just got approval to use the wall of Company Cafe on the Katy Trail for our public art project called The Intown YOU project.Like it on Facebook to stay updated.
  • The Itch Film Society has already had two successful screenings which have had great attendance, we have an amazing theater in Deep Ellum .  Like it on Facebook for updates and pics
  • This Friday night, we got dinner at ChabadRSVP here
  • Sat. morning Iron Chulent competitionbetween Yoni Degani and Rabbi Z. Details and RSVP here all are welcome
  • Sat. evening starts the Fast day of Tisha B’av.  We will be reading lamentations and showing a film at Chabad 9:45PM.
  • Stay tuned: We are hiring a new young Rabbi to help with our expanding work!
  • We are excited to announce that we got a Challenge grant. Any new donation will be matched 130%!  You can make a difference donate today
  • Tuesday night classes have been having incredible turnouts lately. Join us this week for Lasagna and Great Torah!
  • The white party has close to 100 rsvp’s already! Get the first batch of tickets for only $10!
  • The DFW Jewish experience is hosting a happy hour tonight check it out here
Tonight July 23rd. Rosh Chodesh Society
Join Aidy Drizin for her monthly class for ladies only 8PM.
These classes are a great venue for discussions and insight into what Jewish wisdom has to say about life, friends and love.
RSVP here

Tuesday night 8PM
This week- Why do Jews love to Argue? 

The other day I was in the Gym and there were three Jews arguing… guess what? There were 5 opinion! Why is that? Join us for a class on diversity and inclusively and the art of celebrating real differences.
Great people, great topics and greatest learning! 

Save the Date
July 28th- Shabbat dinner in Uptown- RSVP here
July 29th- 9th of Av FAST DAY- Lamentations and sad film for the fast day.
August 4th- Tu’Bav is the official Jewish festival of love we are making a  White party on the pond outside the Winspear.  Details to come.  Hosts needed Email us if you’d like to help Sneak peak here
September- We will be hosting all the High Holidays for free in Uptown. Tickets will be available soon!

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