The week of the 20th

Whats happening! 

  • Tonight  8PM- Ladies night @ Chabad 
  • Tuesday 8PM- Part 3 of the ‘Fascinating Facts’ mini-series
  • Save the dates
  • Check out the Public art project we are creating on Katy Trail
Monday August 20th 8PM- Rosh Chodesh Ladies group
The topic is Sinners and Saints….how to change our past and better our future. 
Ladies only with Aidy! Tuesday night 8PM
This week- Part 3 of the 4-part mini series “fascinating facts” 
Join us! 

Lesson 3:
Angels, Blessings, and Evil Eyes
What is the evil eye? How does it work? Are we accompanied by guardian angels? Do they have wings? Join us as we enter the hidden world of the occult and investigate the fascinating interaction between matter and spirit.
The 4-part series will be led by R’ Moshe Naparstek of Chabad of Dallas. 
Great people, food, topics and the greatest learning! 


Save the dates
August 31st Shabbat dinner in Uptown
September 7th Shabbat in Uptown
September 9th- public art project build
September 13th- Wine tasting and food truck with Rosh Chodesh society. 
Sep 16th-18th- Rosh Hashana in Uptown details and free tickets 
Sep 25th-26th Yom Kippur in Uptown Details and free tickets
October 4th- SukkahFest (Like OktoberFest in the Sukkah) 
October 8th- Simchat Torah 
October 19th- Shabbat 300 under the stars 


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