The week

  • Tuesday night class- Are all men pigs or only powerful ones? 8PM ( we will be done in time for the 2nd half of the Mavs game)
  • Power lunch & learn- June 1st.
  • Shavuot Dinner and midnight madness- Tuesday June 7th
  • Shabbat in Uptown- June 10th  RSVP Here for dinner
  • Magical Mystical tour- New York July 8th-10th – Details below or here
  • Look out for The Shtik- Jbar Trivia details coming soon
  • Check out our new photo website
  • Jackie Mason on Obama ’67 comments

Tuesday night 8PM
Topic: Are all men pigs or only powerful ones?
Time magazine asks the question ” What makes powerful men act like pigs? ”  on tuesday night we will discuss the question from a Chassidic psychological one.
Are the men you know in your world any different the Schwartzenager or Strauss Kahn or John Edwards.
This class will give you a great working idea on how to view men/sexuality if your a woman and how to understand your own drives if you are a man.
Dinner and drinks served.
( we will be done in time for the 2nd half of the Mavs game- We will go out to watch it at a local bar)

Wed. June 1st. Power lunch & Learn

In this 10 part series we will discover the importance and relevance of the big 10 to our modern lives. What do the 10 commandments have to say about money, love, politics and our purpose in this world? Each month we explore one of the 10 commandments and explore what they have to say about our lives today. Lunch provided $10. rsvp here

Shavuot Dinner and Midnight madness in North Dallas- Tuesday night June 7th
Join Zvi and Aidy for a gourmet dinner with friends in honor of the holiday of Shavuot.
Followed by an all night learning session as we listen to excellent speakers and engaging topics including our very own Zvi at Chabad of Dallas.
Shavuot is the celebrated on the day we received the Torah on Sinai (details here) . Did you know that the Jewish people slept in that morning? In commemoration, we stay up all night learning!
Please RSVP here

Shabbat in Uptown June 10th-  Dinner and lunch

Friday night- Services at 7PM followed by a wonderful intimate gourmet dinner rsvp by Thursday here we only have 35 spots
Sat. Morning Services at 10AM followed by a Kiddush.
Sat. afternoon 8:00PM Ethics of our fathers and Shale’shudes (I bet you, you can’t google that one!)
If you would like to sponsor part of dinner-lunch or anything else. you can do it here

The Magical Mystical Tour- Brooklyn-July 8th-10th.

A young dentist and an army Captain from TX fall in love, they decide to marry in the perfect dream Chassidic wedding dressed in black and white.
Sounds romantic? Sounds like a dream?
Why watch a documentary when you can experience it and be a part of it.
We spend a friday night swaying to the enchanting sounds of melodies 1000 years old, taste the same food that we as a people have tasted for generation. We experience 1000’s swaying in a meditative prayer stance… and on Sat. night we party in Manhattan. Sunday, we pray at a gravesite believed by many to be miraculous. And in the evening we dance our hearts out with the two young Texans who would be graced if you joined them.
Join the Intown Chabad for a memorable weekend trip to the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn NY. Where the thumping heartbeat of Judaism is felt on the very pavement you walk.

Cost: Free- You pay your airfare and what ever restaraunts we go to.
Lodging: At the most upscale Chassidic homes you ever dreamed of.
You must bring: An adventurous spirit and an open mind.
Contact Zvi for more info
You don’t know the bride and groom? Melodie Balarsky and Ben Diamond, would love to have you at their wedding, just as long as you really know how to party!!!!

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