This week

  • Pictures from Chanuka at West Village here on Facebook and hereon the web
  • Winner of Kindle- Danielle Rugoff… congrats!
  • Last minute Chanukah party This Tuesday night @ The Intown Chabad
  • Dec 10th for one uplifting Shabbat dinner in Uptown-  rsvp for dinnerhere video promo here
  • Jan 30th- Feb 2nd Soul and Snow ski trip to Vail Details here
  • Feb 27th- TIC welcomes it’s first Torah! Please email if you can help plan the event
  • Donate to the fire rescue in Israel and get matched dollar for dollar

Details: Tuesday night 8PM-
This week::
Chanukah party night #7
join us for fun, dreidels, drinks and a latke bar!
Everyone is invited
Time: 8PM Tuesday night for night #7
Location: The Intown Chabad 2723 Routh st. Dallas, 75201

Shabbat Dinner This week the 10th video promo here

Join us for a great Shabbat dinner 8PM at The Intown Chabad.
Please rsvp to zvi@Theintownchabad before Thursday morning.
Services 7PM
Sat. morning services 10AM followed by a Chulent!

Fire rescue in Israel
For every donation made to the Carmel Fire Relief Fund, Lynn Schusterman will match that donation dollar for dollar.  We encourage everyone to give a donation – even a small donation of $18. Using the power of our network these small sums can add up to a significant contribution. Donations of up to $500 will be matched dollar for dollar over the course of the next 10 days (until 12/16).

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