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The new year is coming up and everyone is thinking about the year ahead. At The Intown Chabad, the coming year will have a very strong focus on education.  We have a great general class every Tuesday night where you can come in and get very inspiring thoughts for your week.  Wed. evenings we have a class on Jewish Mysticism for women and on Monday evenings we are starting a more advanced text study Yeshivah night.
We will also be introducing quarterly hebrew reading courses and other exciting topic specific courses and workshops in the coming year.
If you are interested in one on one study with me, I have a few slots available for that as well.
If you have any ideas for us, or are willing to get involved on any level, please shoot me an Email. I always love to hear feedback.

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  • Tuesday night- Stump the Rabbi
  • Wed. 8PM Chassidic philosophy with R’ Peretz Shapiro- women only
  • New Years Shabbat dinner Services 6PM Dinner 7PM
  • New Yeshivah nights-  Text based study group forming Monday nights 7:30PM
    Feb 27th- TIC welcomes it’s first Torah! Festivities will go on from 11AM-3PM stay tuned for details

Tuesday night 8PM-
This week’s topic:  Why must you control me?
Level: Beginner to advanced

What does always having to control people say about you? Who is really a free person? In todays world we struggle in relationships to connect, yet maintain our independence. Join us for a look into the Jewish people’s first struggles with freedom and control.

Read the parshah of the week hereTime: 8PM Tuesday night
Hearty soup served!
Location: The Intown Chabad 2723 Routh st. Dallas, 75201

New Years Dinner Friday night

Join the Intown Chabad for a great Friday night dinner December 31st as we celebrate the fiscal year gone by and David and Nicoles Marriage! Mazel Tov!
Please RSVP to Jodi Barris if you would like join at
This is a potluck dinner where everyone is chipping in a little with food and drink and help!

Services at 6PM
Dinner at 7PM

Please note that there will be Services and kiddush on Shabbat day 10AM on Both weekends !

NEW  Yeshivah night- Torah Studies in the book of exodus
Monday evenings at 7:30 PM beginning Jan. 3rd.
Knowledge level: intermediate  ( some level of basic hebrew structure and a willingness to take apart and debate text)

Have you ever wanted to sit down with the text of the Torah and journey with thousands of years of commentators as they take apart the text to see what it really means?

The book of Exodus deals with some of the formative years and struggles of the Jewish people.  Join a select group of Young adults as we will delve into our most precious texts and mine them for wisdom and meaning.

Please email if you would like more details or let us know you will try it out.

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