This week

  • Monday night 7:30PM- Yeshivah night study group
  • Tuesday night 8PM – Dating Secrets of the 10 commandments part 6
  • Egypt in Crisis- Fireside chat with Yossi Raphael 8PM RSVP Here
  • Wed. Chassidic Philosophy (Women only)- At Melodie’s Apt
  • Shabbat Feb 18th RSVP Here
  • Feb 22nd- Mini series on Dreams and horoscope in Judaism- Details and RSVP here
  • Feb 27th- TIC welcomes it’s first Torah! Festivities will go on from 11AM-3PM RSVP here and buy a letter in the Torah here
  • March 12th The Jewish life network presents Mentalist Sydney Friedman- Details here
  • March 19th- Annual Purim Blowout

Tuesday night 8PM-
Dating secrets of the 10 commandments*.
Part 5:  Trust and Contentment
Level: All levels

Part 5 will cover issues of establishing trust and “bashert- the one who is meant to be”
Time: 8PM Tuesday night
Fallafel dinner served, sponsored by Anatoli Shevtsov
Location: The Intown Chabad 2723 Routh st. Dallas, 75201

Shabbat Dinner Feb 18th

Join us for our regular Shabbat dinners in Uptown which are anything but regular!
RSVP by Wed. the 16th and its free. Afterwards $18. ( that’s a subtle hint that we need some more timely rsvp’s!)

Of Dreams and Horoscopes- a 2 part mini seriesTuesday Feb 22nd and March 1st
Rsvp here
With R’ Joel Zeff (he spoke last year about life after life)

“We Were as Dreamers”
Tuesday night February 22, at 8:00pm
From Jacob to Pharaoh to Joseph, dreams are prominently featured in Jewish tradition. What
does the Talmudic tradition tell us about the significance of our dreams? How can we interpret
their meaning? Join us for a thought-provoking and fresh look at an issue of relevance to all.

“Its All in the Stars- Is Astrology Kosher?”
Tuesday night March 1, at 8:00pm
Every newspaper has an astrology column and a recent president of the United States was
rumored to have made decisions influenced by astrological considerations. Indeed, astrology
is featured in every strata of Jewish sacred literature from the Bible to the Talmud and up to
contemporary writings. Join us as we explore fundamental issues of the veracity and “kashruth”
of astrology.

If you would like to underwrite the series, please contact

This mini series is brought to us by The Jewish Studies

Dedication for Uptown’s first Torah

Welcoming a new Torah into a community has long been celebratory tradition practised for thousands of years.
We invite the Dallas Jewish community, old and young, to partake in our celebration.
We will begin at The Ahston on Cedar Springs to write in the last few letter in completion of the Torah. We will honor various people in that ceremony. Please arrive at 11AM with Mimosas, coffee and pastries.
Then, at 12 we will march through the streets with dancing and singing and the Torah under the Chuppah to The Intown Chabad.
At The Intown Chabad we will sing and dance as we do the Hakafot with blessings and tremendous cheer.
Join us afterwards for a sit down brunch with Lox and Bagels and all the fixins!
Date: February 27th
Time: 11AM-3PM
Location: Beginning at 2215 Cedar Springs Rd. Finishing off at The Intown Chabad on 2723 Routh st.

The last Mitzvah in the Torah is to write a Torah. Our tradition is that although most people can not do that, you can still fulfill that by helping to write a torah.
Buy a letter in our Torah and help partner in this wonderful project.

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