This week

Special events

  • Tuesday night 8PM – Horoscopes- Do they really mean anything?- Guest speaker
  • Pictures from Sundays event can be seen here
  • March 4th Shabbat in Uptown- Join us for Shabbat dinner and Sat. lunch as we celebrate this first Shabbat with our Torah
  • March 12th The Jewish life network presents Mentalist Sydney Friedman- Details here
  • March 19th- Annual Purim Blowout 9:30PM-  A black and white affair details within a day or two!
  • A little Jewish inspiration from black mayor of Newark, Cory Booker here

Weekly classes

  • Monday night 7:30PM- Yeshivah night study group
  • Wed. Chassidic Philosophy (Women only) 8PM at The Intown Chabad

Tuesday night 8PM-
“Its All in the Stars- Is Astrology Kosher?”  March 1st
With R’ Joel Zeff (he spoke last year about life after life)

“Its All in the Stars- Is Astrology Kosher?”
Tuesday night March 1, at 8:00pm
Every newspaper has an astrology column and a recent president of the United States was
rumored to have made decisions influenced by astrological considerations. Indeed, astrology
is featured in every strata of Jewish sacred literature from the Bible to the Talmud and up to
contemporary writings. Join us as we explore fundamental issues of the veracity and “kashruth”
of astrology.

If you would like to underwrite the series, please contact

This mini series is brought to us by The Jewish Studies
Time: 8PM Tuesday night
Location: The Intown Chabad 2723 Routh st. Dallas, 75201

Shabbat in Uptown- Dinner and lunch

Join us this Friday night for an incredibly gourmet dinner, friends and L’chaims as we celebrate the first Shabbat with the new Torah!
Services 7PM
Dinner 8PM   Please RSVP before thursday here
Sat. morning services at 10AM Followed by a Kiddush sponsored by R’ Zvi and Aidy in honor of the new Torah!
Join us!

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