This week

Tuesday night 8PM
This week- Kaboomtown Torah in Addison w/ fireworks! 

Join us at The Jewish Family Services building ( Arapaho 1 block east of the Tollway) for Tuesday night learning followed by Fireworks!
Every year there is a huge celebration/carnival spirit at the campus of the Jewish Family Services building for the Kaboomtown Fireworks.  So we figured we’d get a room there and have our regular class 8-9PM and afterwards go outside to watch the fireworks! 
Location:  JFS in North Dallas ( 5402 Arapaho Road) in the GROUP ROOM- Look for the signs
Food available for Purchase outside from the K-Wheels Kosher Taco truck.
Topic: Is what feels natural always good? ie. natural love etc…
Class will not be meeting in Uptown but will instead meet in the JFS building on Arapaho so we can see the Addison Kaboomtown Fireworks afterwards.
Please let us know that you are coming by replying to this email!Have you ever wondered what Tuesday night class is like? Click here to download last week’s class on leadership

Shabbat over Uptown & Holy Happy Hour
Here’s the idea in three steps:
1. Everyone gets together for a holy Happy hour
2. Then, sufficiently happy, we Daven together
3. You go to your host’s Apt for dinner

RSVP and more details HERE 

Hosts thus far:
Rachael Rosen & Jaycee Greenblatt
Alex Prescott
Austin Litoff & Raymond Kira
Aviv Schor
Josh Schachter
Aidy & Zvi Drizin
Nathan Baum
Danielle Rugoff & Kyle Stein
Roxy & Brett Diamond
If you’d like to host…. let us know!

Save The date
July 18th- ITCH film society
July 29th- 9th of Av Lamentations and sad film for the fast day.
August 4th- Tu’Bav is the official Jewish festival of love we are making a  White party on the pond outside the Winspear.  Details to come.  Hosts needed Email us if you’d like to help

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