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We are currently in a reflective period on the Jewish calendar called The three weeks.  Sometimes you need to combat baseless hatred with baseless love.  Reach out to a friend and do a random act of kindness.   At the end of these three weeks there is a fast day called The 9th of AV which is a 26 hour fast, Starts July 29th at night untill Sunday night.  Afterwards we are ressurecting one of the greatest Jewish holidays ever with our White Party.  Come out dressed in white and celebrate the Jewish holiday of Love.Tuesday night 8PM
This week- Is your word a word? 
We know people through the things they say, through their words. But how careful are we with our words and our commitments to people, community and organizations? Join us for a thorough discussion on how much importance Judaism places on your word being your bond.
Great people, great topics and greatest learning! 
Missed last week’s class? Click here to download last week’s class on Truth Vs. Peach and religious extremism.Wed. July 18th- ITCH film society
Can you do good in the world with ill gotten gains?
Join us for Academy award winner “The Counterfeiters”

Throttle Films
3900 Willow St Suite 200
Dallas, TX 75226
Admission is free!
Popcorn and drinks will be served
Reserve your seat soon as space is limited

Master of ceremonies, Rich Kaplan and Hayley Polak
Space is limited to 30 so please RSVP today

Monday July 23rd. Rosh Chodesh Society
Join Aidy Drizin for her monthly class for ladies only.
These classes are a great venue for discussions and insight into what Jewish wisdom has to say about life, friends and love.
RSVP here

Save the Date
July 28th- Shabbat dinner in Uptown- RSVP here
July 29th- 9th of Av FAST DAY- Lamentations and sad film for the fast day.
August 4th- Tu’Bav is the official Jewish festival of love we are making a  White party on the pond outside the Winspear.  Details to come.  Hosts needed Email us if you’d like to help Sneak peak here

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