This week

What an incredible Chanukah Dallas has experienced! There were so many Menorah lightings around the city and so many young adult parties! We are so excited that there is so much going on Jewishly in Dallas! This was our dream when we started The Intown Chabad 6 years ago.

Check out the coverage we got in the Dallas Morning News and the last batch of pictureswe just uploaded

Now that the Menorah’s lights have gone dark it is up to us to be that source of light to others around us.

Use these next couple of weeks to recharge your spiritual batteries. Consider joining us for a Gals Class tonight with Aidy Drizin or an in depth Torah study discussion with Rabbi Chanan.  Tomorrow night is our banner class that I teach and on Thursday, we have our first 3GDallas event at the Holocaust Museum.

Finally, we have a Crowdtilt Campaign up, which we are trying to raise 10K for iVolunteer before the end of the year.  Take a moment and contribute a few dollars, and most importantly please spread it on Facebook!

Just to give you a sense how awesome iVolunteer is: At the senior Chanukah party, there were 20 of us singing for seniors like we were a middle school choir.  @sweet

All the best and keep on being awesome!

Rabbi Zvi

Unique for this week

Tonight 12/17 8:00pm  /  Gals class with Aidy at Chabad / Learn with friends about great Jewish women past and present

Thursday 12/20 6:30pm / Night at the Museum / learn about 3GDallas and how you can get involved in sharing the stories of survivors of the Holocaust.

Social Events This Week

Tuesday night 8pm / @ The Intown Chabad / The Jewish response to Tragedy in the wake of the recent massacre /  As always there will be food and drinks and good people.

Learning Opportunities at Chabad

Tonight 7:30pm / Weekly Parshah discussion with Rabbi Chanan / great way to go through the whole Torah / Tonight the group will meet at Crooked Tree

Tonight 12/17 8:00pm  /  Gals class with Aidy at Chabad / Learn with friends about great Jewish women past and present

Tuesday night 8pm with Rabbi Zvi / 8pm / General motivational topics from a Jewish perspective /  This week: The

Thursday 7:30pm / Talmud with Rabbi Chanan at Chabad

Shabbat at Chabad

Friday night 7pm / Services

Chanukah Shabbat Dinner 8pm / Join us for an awesome Shabbat dinner with other young people / Great food, wine and spirit / $18 in advance / RSVP here  /

Saturday Morning Services 10:30am /  followed by Kiddush Lunch and a great Chulent

Upcoming events at Chabad

12/24 The JCC’s annual MatzahBall / The Biggest Jewish party of the year / details on Facebook here

1/11 Shabbat over Uptown / Our Bi-Annual Home hosted Shabbat dinners all over Uptown. Email us if you have an Apt/home in Uptown you’d like to host a Shabbat dinner in.

2/9 Annual Relationship lecture / Azure / Topic: Getting Respect 

2/23 One Crazy Purim Party / Stay tuned

3/10 Yom Limmud / open space learning  / Think about a massive Q&A session on steriods with ANY topics you are interested inavailable to you with a team of expert Women and Men to guide the topics YOU choose.



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