This week!

Friends,  It’s a new year!The world did not end and America hasn’t fallen off a cliff! But we need to ask ourselves, How can we make a difference here in Dallas? How  are we going to strengthen the young Dallas Jewish community?  Will we be stronger this year than last year? Will we be engaging with our Judaism in a more meaningful way?

At The Intown Chabad we are continually thinking about how to engage our young community in a deeper way.  There is so much available to you and we hope you take advantage of the opportunities.

Foremost are relationships. We have  Aidy , Rabbi Chanan,  Ilana Weltman of iVolunteer and I,  who are all available to help you on your personal and Jewish Journey.  Reach out at any time, we are here for you.

Here is a sample of what each of us can offer you.

Rabbi Zvi Drizin-  Available for lunch or coffee to discuss life, your questions about Judaism or relationships. Available for regular one on one learning sessions and  gives a great Tuesday night Class, which is now in its 8th year!

Aidy Drizin– Available for coffee or lunch to discuss life and relationships or if you just need someone to talk to. Always ready to listen and be that shoulder to lean on or listening ear.

Rabbi Chanan Rose – Available for one on one learning,  lunch, coffee and dinner meetings.  Rabbi Rose is great at discussing so many of the Jewish questions people have. His journey is a rich one and he is ready to share.

Ilana Weltman-  As the director of iVolunteer, Ilana is available to help you with finding the right type of volunteering opportunity for you.  She is currently pairing volunteers with Holocaust survivors.

In addition to all of the above, we are beginning a new program called “Learning With Friends”. This program lets you choose, time, date, location and topic. The power is in your hands.  You can choose any one of our staff members as your personal guide.   Let us know if you’d like to discuss setting up a small group.

All the best and a happy new year!

Rabbi Zvi

Unique for this week1$ Mezuzah Campaign  /  Get a Mezuzah installed in your apt for only $1! Email us to set up a time for your free expert installation.
Learning Opportunities at ChabadTonight 8pm  / 8pm / General motivational topics from a Jewish perspective /  This week: Jewish Perspectives on the gun control debate.   Dinner served.

Thursday 7:30pm / Talmud with Rabbi Chanan at Chabad

Shabbat at ChabadFriday night 7pm / Services

Shabbat dinner 8pm / First Shabbat dinner of the year  / Great food, wine and spirit / $18 in advance / RSVP here  /

Saturday Morning Services 10:30am /  followed by Kiddush Lunch and a great Chulent

Upcoming events at Chabad1/10 Challah Baking with Aidy for Shabbat over Uptown / 7:30pm at Chabad / Must RSVP here  Gals only

1/11 Shabbat over Uptown / Our Bi-Annual Home hosted Shabbat dinners all over Uptown.  Email us if you have an Apt/home in Uptown you’d like to host a Shabbat dinner in.
RSVP for dinner here

2/9 Annual Relationship lecture / Azure / Topic: Getting Respect 

2/23 One Crazy Purim Party / Stay tuned

3/17 Yom Limmud / open space learning  / Think about a massive Q&A session on steriods with ANY topics you are interested inavailable to you with a team of expert Women and Men to guide the topics YOU choose.

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