This Week

While some Jews in America will be focused on Shark week (and there is a Jewish slant on that) ,  the majority will be thinking about the month of Ellul which arrivestomorrow.  This means T-30 days to the High Holidays.  Elul is a month of introspection and stock taking, a time to reflect on the year past. It is a time to ask ourselves the challenging questions and focus on what sort of life we want in the future.

Here is a quick glance at some of the upcoming offerings

  • Welcome to Dallas brunch  – RSVP here
  • RSVP for FREE High Holidays with Chabad
  • 8/21 Thanks for Giving event Details below
  • Ladies Rosh Chodesh club starts up again Monday night the 12th
  • Check out the Ski Retreat in Park Cities we are planning for Feb! Great pricing
Monday / 7:30PM / Round table weekly Parsha discussion.

Tuesday night / 8-9PM / Tuesday with Zvi Tonight’s topic:  Elul and the art of “Cheshbon Ha’nefesh”  The month of Elul is a time where we take stock of the past year and make goals for the future, join Rabbi Chanan for a discussion on this topic.  Dinner served

Wednesday / 8PM /  Torah at Moishe House /  Topic: The wholeness of a broken heart details and RSVP here

Thursday night / 7:00PM / Tanya, the primary book of Chabad Chassidic philosophy is studied with Rabbi Chanan / Chapter 9

Friday night / 7:30PM / Friday night services  followed by dinner with friends /  RSVP here by Thursday please

Saturday / 10:30AM /  Services followed by Kiddush lunch

8/21 Thanks For Giving / Donor Appreciation Event / Did you know that the ITCH gets no regular, national or institutional funding — every dollar we spend on rent, programming and other costs is raised locally (and contributed by you or your friends). To say THANKS, we’re hosting a special reception for our regular and sustaining donors. / If you’re part of that “Chai Club,” check your email for an invitation. / If you haven’t yet supported ITCH at that level, it’s not too late to make a contribution and be recognized! / Email  or visit today!

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