Thoughts on the superbowl and more

The Super Bowl weekend in Dallas has come and gone. All the hype and the glitz is now behind us and I sit and think about what it all meant.
Tuesday brought Ice and snow and weather which surely put a wrench in most peoples plans. “metch Tracht un Gotte Lacht” Goes the Yiddish saying. ( man plans and G-d Laughs).
You can throw any amount of money at anything and prepare all you want but if it ain’t  meant to be it ain’t meant to be!
The NFL-Jerry Jones-Dallas host committee tried to set records with attendance but ended up just upsetting hundreds of people by not having their seats.
Lesson learned: better to do what is expected and do it right then try to set records for having the most expansive ego and mess it all up.
Having said all that, what an incredible game that was! Where I was, we were cheering at the top of our lungs and we ultimately enjoyed seeing a team persevere until the end throughout an incredible season. We would be sure happy to have the game back here for Super Bowl 50!

  • Monday night 7:30PM- Yeshivah night study group
  • Tuesday night 8PM – Dating Secrets of the 10 commandments part 5
  • Wed. Chassidic Philosophy (Women only)
  • New- Hebrew reading crash course in 4 hours starts this sunday. RSVP NOW
  • Shabbat Feb 18th
  • Feb 27th- TIC welcomes it’s first Torah! Festivities will go on from 11AM-3PM RSVP here and buy a letter in the Torah here
  • March 19th- Annual Purim Blowout

Tuesday night 8PM-
Dating secrets of the 10 commandments*.
Part 5:  sincerity and space
Level: All levels

Part 5 will cover the issues involving space given in relationships
Time: 8PM Tuesday night
Fallafel dinner served, sponsored by Igor Rakovchik
Location: The Intown Chabad 2723 Routh st. Dallas, 75201

Hebrew reading 4 hour crash course

Have you ever wanted to read old Jewish raps in Hebrew? Torah portions? Or just impresse your Bubbe with some rad old school tunes?
Join us for a four part Hebrew reading crash course.  We guarantee you are reading in 4 sessions and if not Rabbi Zvi will sit and bang his head with you until you get it!
Sunday mornings at 10:30AM Starting Feb. 13th
Cost: $40 Includes books $25 for Chai Club members

Shabbat Dinner Feb 18th

Join us for our regular Shabbat dinners in Uptown which are anything but regular!
RSVP by Wed. the 16th and its free. Afterwards $18. ( that’s a subtle hint that we need some more timely rsvp’s!)

Dedication for Uptown’s first Torah

Welcoming a new Torah into a community has long been celebratory tradition practised for thousands of years.
We invite the Dallas Jewish community, old and young, to partake in our celebration.
We will begin at The Ahston on Cedar Springs to write in the last few letter in completion of the Torah. We will honor various people in that ceremony. Please arrive at 11AM with Mimosas, coffee and pastries.
Then, at 12 we will march through the streets with dancing and singing and the Torah under the Chuppah to The Intown Chabad.
At The Intown Chabad we will sing and dance as we do the Hakafot with blessings and tremendous cheer.
Join us afterwards for a sit down brunch with Lox and Bagels and all the fixins!
Date: February 27th
Time: 11AM-3PM
Location: Beginning at 2215 Cedar Springs Rd. Finishing off at The Intown Chabad on 2723 Routh st.

The last Mitzvah in the Torah is to write a Torah. Our tradition is that although most people can not do that, you can still fulfill that by helping to write a torah.
Buy a letter in our Torah and help partner in this wonderful project.

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