Upcoming in Uptown

Tuesday Night: This Tuesday On the 1st of September Tuesdays with Zvi is back and better than ever. This is a great time to rejoin  with fresh ideas old and new friends and a great way to connect outside the bustle of the bars. A special thanks to all those who are bringing people in to experience!

Topic: Stop existing and start living!  Ever think that your life is just taking up space, emitting carbon? Get to a space of living and giving.  An exciting talk!
Time: 8-9PM
Place: 2723 Routh st. right off the quadrangle     Light dinner, beers and L’chaims are served

Sep. 11th Shabbat in Uptown TIC and Moishes House are getting together for a huge Shabbat in Uptown. RSVP here.   Gourmet Shabbat meal, great people and great L’chaims!  $18

September 13th Mitzvah day
–  Join in with over 200 young adults as the give to community with great Mizvahs on the famous Mitzvah day put on by The Network. Details can be found here This is a great opportunity to do a great things. And this year TIC will be representin’ with a Tefillin stand from 11-12 as everyone gathers to go to their respective Mitzvah sites.

New TIC Café: Join us on September 13th for the first ever Intown Chabad Café featuring singer song writer Brian Small and Jaime Sasso with a live acoustic performance. Click on link for some of Jaime’s music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNyBp-GKD1M

New Sunday BLT wrap Once a month Bagels Lox and Tefillin. Join us once a month for a great Brunch and Tefillin club. Join in with the guys as you lay Tefillin, have a little shmooze and take it slow on a Sunday morning. Perfect for beginners! Guys only for Tefillin, but brunch is open to all 🙂 RSVP here. Date and Time: Sunday September 27th. 10:30 AM Perfect way to get ready for Yom Kippur.

Yom Kippur in Uptown: This Yom Kippur the TIC is offering Yom Kippur Services in Uptown! Join us for a day of inspiration, prayer and deep spirituality as we divest ourselves from the physical and connect with the spirit! The Services will be user friendly with traditional songs and interesting explanations throughout. Click HERE for more info and the holiday schedule. This year don’t pay to pray.

Sukkoth Festival in Uptown: Stay tuned for the details on this awesome event which is going to be co sponsored by ” The Network”

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