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  • Tonight- Tuesdays with Zvi: Stump D’ Rabbi 8PM
  • Thursday- Torah on Tap at The Gingerman
  • Sunday Funday  the 16th 5PM – at the Ranch
  • Tuesday night the 18th- TIC heads to north Dallas for an all nighter!
  • Friday the 21st. Happy Hour in honor of Zvi’s 30th. 6:30PM.
  • Battle of the YP’s bowling league

Tonight 8PMTOPIC: Stump D’rabbiAlways a favorite!  Submit anonymous questions and get the answered!Questions about religion, life, relationships… you name it, nothing is off color or off limits!
Tuesdays with Zvi, is our landmark class/group which meets weekly. It is a great forum to connect with peers and learn fascinating insights into life through the eyes of our tradition. No prior any knowledge needed. We typically get anywhere between 10-30 people, its in a beautiful setting (Chabad in Uptown) and you should be there!
Thursday night 6:30 PMJoin the Moishes House and TIC for Torah on Tap at The Gingerman in Uptown.  We will study text on Jewish Ethics as we enjoy the brews!
Sunday Funday- May 16th. RSVP HERE
The weather has turned beautiful and it’s time to start enjoying these spring weekends outside the bustle of city noise.
So join the Intown Chabad and the Orenstein family for a feast like none other:
With the help of Rabbi Zvi and the local Shochet, we are going to slay one of our goats according to kosher customs and roast it all day for an evening feast.  ( dont worry all that will be done in the morning, so you won’t have to see it! just come by for the dinner later)
Feel free to bring friends (just RSVP…).
The festivities take place at the Orenstein’s Cedar Ridge Farm an hour north of Dallas in Valley View. Dinner is at 6pm but come as early as 2pm to spend the afternoon relaxing around the house.
Directions are easy. Take I-35 north to exit 483 for FM3003 / Lone Oak Rd. Go right at the exit, cross two bridges over the lake, and turn left on Hemming Rd. Turn right on Lakeview Drive (it’s a dirt road) and we’re the first entrance on the right. The gate will be open.Please RSVP HERE
Tuesday night The 18th- All nighter in North Dallas-Join TIC as we head up north to Chabad of Dallas for an incredible evening of all night Torah study! Why you ask? Well, Shavuot celebrates the giving of the Torah and on the morning we were supposed to receive the big 10 at Sinai… we all slept in!! Crazy, no? LIke sleeping through your finals! So to rectify that big mistake, Jews have been staying up all night on Shavuot for the past 2000 (give or take a few) years. Join Rabbi Zvi and other Great Teachers at Chabad of DAllas for an all nighter starting at 12AM6710 Leveland RD, Dallas 75252.
May 21st. Friday Afternoon Happy Hour, Celebrating Rabbi Zvi’s 30th! You are invited to a Happy Hour celebrating my 30th! 6:30PM on Friday the 21st. We will have some L’chaims untill Shabbat begins at 8 or so! Hope you can make it!

BATTLE OF THE JEWISH YOUNG PROFESSIONALS BOWLING LEAGUEPlease let us know if anyone is interested in forming an Intown Chabad team ( oh yeah, we expect you to win BIG) Join us for our 2nd season of the Jewish Young Professionals Summer Bowling League. This summer, your team will be playing for your favorite local Jewish organization, synagogue, or charity. You can organize a team for your group, or we can help you start a team.  You can opt to bowl every week, half the season, or just fill in a few games.  Bowling talent is NOT required for this league.

Bowling will be on Thursday nights at 7:30 pm at AMF Richardson. Our first week of bowling will be June 17th and our last week will be August 19th. Bowling should end in most cases by 10 pm.

We will be having a kick-off party on Sunday, May 16th at 7:00 PM. This will be your chance to meet new people and start a team, or finalize your existing team. Teams consist of 5-7 people, with 4 people bowling every week.  For more info on the kick-off event, click below.

Bowling is $12 per person (or $4 per game if you are splitting up your 3 games). Shoes are now $4 per night.

For more information, please contactBrad Schweig at brad@sunnylandfurniture.com orMindi Sue Sternblitz Rubenstein at mindisue@aol.com For information on the league, please click here:http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/group.php?gid=230645595400&ref=ts

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