Upcoming in Uptown
Tuesday night 8PMTuesday’s with Zvi is back on again!

Topic- Four ways to deepen your relationships, with your significant other, parents and G-D.   Sushi and L’chaims served.
Friday the 25th Shabbat in Uptown- Davening at 7 PM at TIC –  Dinner at The Drizin’s home Please  RSVP HERE by Thursday morning!
Sunday morning the 27th 10:30AM Bagels Lox and Tefillin (BLT) club.  JOIN HERE Join in on an easy way to put on Tefillin and shmooze a little over Brunch.  Please RSVP by replying to the email.
Sunday-monday 27th-28th– Yom Kippur at the Mansion FREE RSVP HERE
Monday evening the 28th– Break-fast at Chabad at 8PM. FREE RSVP HERE
We need a lot of volunteers over the holidays. please reply if you can help at all with the various events!
All of Sukkot there will be things Happening in Uptown details to come.
October 8th- Jazz.Wine.Sukkah  look out for the Happy hour of the year. Featuring L’chaims, an amazing Jazz band, stars. friends and a beautiful Sukkah.  6-10 PM.    See attached flyer.
October 10th Sat. night Simchat Torah! – look out for more details

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