This week

This week 
Monday  | No Class tonight

Tuesday | 8:00PM | Dr. Jekyll Mr Hyde and YouThe month of Elul is the training session for the marathon of the High Holidays. Inside of all of us, we often have competing voices of confidence and despair. Join us as we explore the process of finding our inner-most voice in the lead up to the holiday season.  Sushi and Drinks served.
Tuesday night class is a great way to meet new people in a high level environment, grow and a person and as a Jew. Our new format, is interactive and very engaging.

Thursday | 7:30PM | Chassidic Philosophy study group with Rabbi Zvi.

Friday | 7:30PM | Services followed by one festive Summer Shabbat dinner at Chabad RSVP here, with Zvi, Aidy and the family.

Sat | 10:30AM | Services followed by Kiddush lunch

Every Jew is like a letter in the Torah, if even a single one is missing the Torah isn’t Kosher. We need every Jew represented.
We are proud to announce the launching of a campaign to fund a New Torah for The Intown Chabad. The one we’ve had untill now was a loner.  There are some incredible dedication opportunities on our Indiegogo Campaign. Read the whole story and check it out and claim your verse, Parshah, or Book today 
Save The Dates 

9/8 | Farewell Party for Rabbi Chanan Rose at Chabad
9/20 | Selichot
9/21 | Welcoming New Torah event 10:30AM Crescent Hotel
9/25-26 | Rosh Hashana (Services, Slacker Services and meals)
10/3-4 | Yom Kippur
10/8-16 | Sukkot
10/12 | SukkahFest – OktoberFest in the Sukkah – Local Beers and BBQ
10/16 | Simchat Torah Blowout
11/14 | Shabbat Under The Stars
12/20 | Lights and Strikes – Chanukah After Party

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