This week

Tonight 7:30PM – Before the political machinations of House of Cards, there was the story of Purim. Join us as we spend the next four Tuesday nights delving into the political intrique of the Book of Esther. Learn the story of Purim like never before with Rabbi Zvi. Following class, many head over to Deep Ellum to the Freeman for live Music by the Freeloaders, who are playing at the Purim partyThursday 7:30PM – Jewish mysticism study group with Rabbi Chanan.

Friday 7PM – Services followed by Dinner with R’ Chanan.
Sat. 10:30AM Services followed by Kiddish Lunch sponsored by Elyse and Murray Rose.

Purim happens in two acts: 
1. Sat. March 13th, Purim Party at Community Brewery tickets are on sale for only $12 for another day. Get them now! 2. Sunday, March 16th will be the second annual iVolunteer Purim with Purpose. Join us for a hangover brunch, Megilla reading followed by delivery of Purim baskets (mishloach manot) to elderly and Holocaust survivors RSVP here
Save these dates 
3/4 Teachers lounge lighting round case studies info here
4/14-15 Passover Seders
5/9 Shabbat under the stars -Bring the Family edition

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