This week and Chanukah

Tuesdays with Zvi 8PM At The Intown 
We want to help others. We want to get involved in troubling situations and fix what is broken. But how do we achieve that without getting sucked in ourselves? How do we avoid such a fate as we attempt to influence our friends and environment for the better?

Come as you are. No need to RSVP. All classes at Chabad

Listen to last week’s class on how to sustain change 

How about a niiiiice Shabbat dinner with great people! 
Join us at The Intown Chabad this Friday night with Aidy, Zvi and Chanan! 

Davening 7PM 
Dinner 8PM – RSVP here 

Sat. morning 10:30AM followed by a wicked Kiddush 

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