Week of May 28

Tuesday night- 8PM
This week’s topic: What’s in a Birthday? Can there be anything spiritual about your birthday? 
Join us for the Jewish perspective on Birthday’s and Birthday parties. 
Light dinner and drinks- Class lasts an hour, its at Chabad… just come! 

Good for the: Motivational speaker lover, lover of a challenge, willing to break free from the patterns of the known, risk taker, loves a free dinner, loves world peace, social justice and life.

Shabbat in Uptown- June 1st.
Join us for one of those more intimate dinners.
RSVP here before Thursday $18 after $25 
Services 7PM Dinner 8PM
Sat. morning 10:30AM followed by Kiddush in honor of the Graduating Medical Students!
Sat. evening Ethics, Bagels and Shmeers 7:30PM.

Breakfast Club- 730-830AM every Thursday morning

Community Events
Thursday night the 31st. The Jewish federation is hosting an event for their Ben Gurion giving society at an art gallery.
Details here

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