Week of May 7th

Tuesday night- 8PM
As always, great topics, great people and food. 
This week’s topic: What exactly is “the mystical” & what that has to do with ultimate world peace.
Light dinner and drinks- Class last an hour, its at Chabad… just come! 

Good for the: Motivational speaker lover, lover of a challenge, willing to break free from the patterns of the known, risk taker, loves a free dinner, loves world peace, social justice and life.

Thursday night May 10th- Live music/lag b’omer outdoors
Outside the ATT Performing arts center on the grass, live music, a little lazying, food and lots of good young Jewish people.
Details RSVP and preview the band here 6-8:30PM outside the Winspear Opera house on the pond and lawn.
Good for the: Lover of lazying on the grass, musically inclined, lover of beard rock, loves a good sandwich, the mystic, chiller, social bird, 

Shabbat in Uptown- May 11th
Join us for one of those more intimate dinners.
RSVP here before Thursday the 10th $18 after $25 
Services 7PM Dinner 8PM
Sat. morning 10:30AM followed by Good food.
Sat. evening Ethics, Bagels and Shmeers 7:30PM.

Shabbat in Uptown- May 18th

Spend the night- Sat. night May 26th. 
Join Zvi and Aidy for desserts and drinks at their home in North Dallas followed by all night Torah talks and discussions ranging from The most famous convert ever to Bedroom secrets of the Talmud.
Rsvp details to come.

Tefillin club 730-830AM every Thursday morning

Community Events

Brett Stephens of the Wall st. Journal is speaking may 24th for AJC for free!  Details here

Want free rent? Moishes house Dallas is looking for new residents. Basically its a program where you put on Jewish events and your rent gets subsidized.  Email me if you are interested.

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