Highlights for this week:
Here are two timely educational opportunities this week. Rabbi Zvi and Aidy will be giving back to back classes on relationships.
Check it out and make to one or both.Tuesdays with Zvi 8pm @ The Intown Chabad– How to stay in love once you’ve fallen in love
Why are there so many couples who “fall in love,” but after some time, they find themselves so far apart? What happened to the love?
There are people you like but you don’t love; there are people you love but you may not like. There are people that you love and you like, and there are people, well, that you don’t love and you don’t like either. You love your parents. You love your brothers. You love your sisters. But you don’t necessarily like them… Sometimes you love your partner, but you have a hard time liking them.
Join us for a timely class on living in love with Rabbi Zvi that will change your perspective forever.

Soulmates – Wednesday 730pm @ The Intown Chabad Have you drunk the LEMONADE yet? Whatever the buzz on JayZ/Beyonce, clearly someone ain’t respecting the relationship.
If you’ve ever wondered how to respect someone (a guy) who is SO different from you in his needs, thoughts and mindset then this class is for you.
Join Aidy Drizin for an hour that will change everything you ever thought about relationships from a uniquely Jewish perspective.
For gals only

Single Class $10 at the door